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Chick-a-Pea's Story



Chick-a-Pea started in 2017, a few months after we settled in the beautiful North Fork Valley. We always talked about opening a restaurant, mostly in a day-dream sort of way.  Once we found out about the Edesia Community Kitchen, we realized we could actually go for it with the amazing support and guidance from our community. 

   Our love affair with cooking Indian Food started with our local Indian grocery store in Lafayette, CO.  It gave us the opportunity to experiment and develop our culinary skills at home while experiencing the incredible variety of flavors Indian food has to offer.  We are excited to share our love of Indian food with you!  



We have always believed in the idea that perfect ingredients are the key to delicious food.  This is why we locally source organic ingredients whenever possible.  In addition, we grind our own spice blends from whole spices.  This adds a deep complexity to our culinary creations.

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